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Marissa Lingen

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Snow and Mrissa: my heart leaps like gazelle to see you together again [Nov. 12th, 2012|07:01 am]
Marissa Lingen

There is this thing that my brain does, where if I glance outside, my subconscious interprets things as snow when at all possible. "SNOW!" says my subconscious, and my heart leaps, and then no, it's just a funny reflection from the windows, or cottonwood drift, or something. My brain does this in July. I have been known to have this reaction on my birthday. That is how eager my subconscious is for snow. Some people look for the good in everyone. I look for the snow.

This morning there's a tiny thin scattering of snow on the ground. And I am so trained in telling it to stop leaping* that it took me a minute to realize. And then I filled with ridiculous joy all over again, even though the grass is almost all visible, even though the snow will be gone by lunch. (Edit: or maybe not, it's now snowing more!)

I need this. I need it today, I need it this year. We don't always get what we need. But this time, in a tiny way at the very least. Yes. It's a start.

*Yes, happy nerd points for those who get the ongoing reference. I mean, really, when it is not appropriate? Okay, I can think of times. But not many.

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